You will need a TRIAD account to be able to use TRIAD Windows and Web Client to submit images for the trial that your organization is participating in. In order to register for a TRIAD account, open the following link (TRIAD Web Portal) in a web browser:

New User Sign Up

Click the "New User? Sign Up for a new Account..." at the web- link:

This will make you choose the type of user you will be in TRIAD.     

  1. Site User: Click this option if you want to submit files to TRIAD (For Cortex, this will the usual type of user account created)

  2. QC User: Click this option if you are a quality control user who verifies the submissions in TRIAD

  3. Reviewer: Click this option, if you are a user who is assigned files for review in TRIAD

After Selecting the type of user, you will be prompted to fill in your information for signing up.

User Sign Up screen

  1. Username: This information is required when you try to login to TRIAD Web Client or TRIAD Windows Client. It should be minimum 8 characters and contain combination of upper & lower case alphabet(s) and numeral(s). You can check the availability of provided username from ‘Check Availability’ button provided under the field.

  2. Password: Provide a desired password that is required to login to TRIAD Web Client or Windows Client. Password should have minimum 8 characters and should contain combination of Upper & Lower case alphabet(s), numeral(s) and special character(s)

  3. Confirm Password: Provide the same password that you entered in the previous field

  4. Security Question: Please select a security question from the list in dropdown or type your own question in the same field. Please remember the question that is required in case if you forgot your password and need to retrieve it.

  5. Answer: Provide the answer for the question selected or entered. Please remember the answer for the question for future purposes or further levels of authentication.

  6. First Name, Middle Name and Last Name: Provide the user’s first, middle and last names

  7. E-mail & Confirm E-mail: Provide a correct and valid e-mail address of the user. This e-mail address is used to send a verification e-mail during the rest of the registration process which will help to activate your account. The same e-mail address will be used for communicating with the user in future. Provide the same e-mail address in the confirm e-mail field

  8. Mailing address: Provide the contact address of the user.

  9. Phone Number: Provide the user’s phone number

  10. Site Name: If you do not have the site information, please consult with your site admin. You will be submitting files for this site. The site should be one in of the Cortex Triad site list.

  11. Trial Number: For Cortex users they should type "ACR 1891"

  12. Additional Information: Provide any additional information in the field that could be necessary.

Click ‘Continue’ to move to verify the information provided.

Confirmation screen

  • Verify the information displayed on the Confirmation Screen and check if there are any changes that need to be done.

  • If everything seems to be fine, click on ‘Submit’. If you need to edit anything, click ‘Back’ button to the corresponding page and modify the information and proceed with previous steps and come back to ‘Confirmation’ page.

  • You will then be taken to a screen with ‘Success’ title confirming that registration process is completed. You will also receive an e-mail to the address provided in the user information screen.

User Account Confirmation and Approval

  • Confirmation link: The e-mail sent contains a conformation link along with the details of the Username and Password that you have provided during registration. You may save this e-mail in case if you forget your authentication details. NOTE: Username and Password will be located at the bottom of the email.

  • Confirmation success: Click the confirmation link provided in the e-mail (or) if it doesn’t work, copy and paste the link into a web browser. You will see a confirmation message in your browser.

  • Registration complete: You will also receive an e-mail that the registration is complete.

User Activation

  • Even though the registration is complete, the account created is not yet ready for use until a TRIAD (ACR) Administrator activates the account. You will receive another e-mail once your account is activated.

  • Now you can start using your account to login to the TRIAD Web Client or TRIAD Windows Client to submit images to ACR through TRIAD. Please refer to TRIAD Windows Client User Guide or TRIAD Web Client User Guide documents for instructions depending on the client you will use.

User Account Modifications

  • ACR User can change TRIAD Account information from by logging into TRIAD web portal with their registered username and password.

Change the User Information

  • After logging into the TRIAD Website at the web-link:

  • Select the ‘My Account’ at the top right corner of the page.

  • You will then be navigated to the ‘My Account’ page; from where you can make changes to the information that you have provided previously.


  • If the user tries to login more than 3 times by using an incorrect password, the account will be locked. Once the account is locked, the user will need to contact ACR to have it unlocked.

  • Your TRIAD user account password will expire after 90 days. Please make sure to change your password before it expires.

  • You will receive notification of password expiration  30 days prior to deactivation.