ACR is committed to making our software easily accessible. Because this software is a Web-based platform, every effort has been made to remove many of the constraints regarding which computer and software you use to access this material.   Nevertheless, it is not possible or practical for us to support fully every operating system and browser combination that is available. You can access Cortex and its associated properties via a PC or Mac computer using any of the following supported browsers: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari **

** Safari: We have tested the latest release of Safari and have not identified any issues with current Cortex functionality. However we cannot guarantee all features or future features will work properly.

We support the two latest versions of each of these browsers. Upon the release of a new version, we will begin supporting the newly released version and stop supporting the oldest previously supported version.

Regardless of the browser you choose, you must enable: 

  • Cookies
  • JavaScript
  • MP4 Video playback plug-in (e.g. Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime player)
  • Flash Player (optional); if features call for Flash Player, those features will be disabled

Links on how to set up these items will be listed below.  We recommend using the latest production-level versions of these browsers. In particular, we strongly suggest using Firefox or Chrome.

Note: We do not recommend using development, test, or beta versions of these web browsers. Versions that are not publicly released may not work properly with the ACR systems. For more information on current versions of web browsers and which to install, see these links:

For all browsers:

Specific Browsers:

Clearing your Browser’s cache: If your Web application/Cortex is behaving unexpectedly with a supported browser, you may need to clear your browser’s cache to ensure that your browser is utilizing and displaying the most up-to-date versions of your application.

WikiHow to Clear your Browser's Cache

WikiHow to Enable Cookies in Your Browser

WikiHow to Turn on Javascript