As an User Administrator for that institution, log into RCMS and locate the User Administrator widget located to the left. Select the User accounts link.

Locate the account by using the filters located at the top of the page.

Click the Edit button to open the account details.

Under System Roles, place a check mark for Editing User and click Update located bottom right of the page. Click the Back to List button located next to the update button to view the user list again.

The user account must have case credits to create new cases. Click the Credits button to open the case credits page.

Select the + Add item link located to the right.

Select the institution from the drop down menu selection.  Add a title, degree as needed then Save to save the change.  Click Back to List to return to the previous page.

The Case Credit will now be displayed.

The final step to complete the user account is to give the account Content Management Privileges (CMP). From the User Administration widget, select the Content management privileges link.

Select the product/institution from the drop down menu. Click Assign privileges. You will be redirected to a new page.

Using the filters, locate the user account to add CMP. Place a check mark in the check box for the user account to add or update CMP. Click the Selectbutton.

You will be redirected to a new page. Give the user account the appropriate CMP by placing a check mark in the check box for Create Cases. Click Update privileges to update the user account.

With these basic settings, users can create and edit their own cases.