Questions sets allow you to create a group or set of questions that will be presented on every case in an activity.  If questions sets are added to an activity, no other questions may be added to any case in the activity.

NOTE: At this time Questions Sets can only be added to the Teaching File Activity Template.

NOTE: At this time, any user that has access to the Question Set area can view and edit all question sets.

Creating a New Question Set:

Question Sets can be created and then attached to an activity from the Activity Designer accessed from the Admin link on the institution portal or through the RCMS advanced interface.

Click on the Question Sets and Branching tab and then the [Create New Question Set] button. To edit an existing question set, click on the pencil icon located to the left of the question set name. Columns can also be sorted by clicking on the column header.

You will be directed to a new page. Enter the name for the question set and click [Save]. [Cancel] and [Question Set Home] will return you to the Question Sets and Branching Tab.

Now select the [Add New Question] button to start creating the questions for the question set.

The Question Edit box will open.

Select the question type:

  • Multiple Choice

  • True/False

  • Check All That Apply

  • Multiple Choice Classic (user gets only one chance to select correctly)

  • NLP

There is also the option for indicating the question is a "Survey Question".   Survey questions do not get scored and are used to gather information on the user choices. Example: How confident are you that you answered the question correctly? Not confident, Fairly confident, Extremely confident.

Modify the distractor format by adding a number in the the No. of Columns field. The default is 1but by changing the number to 5 for 5 distractors, the distractors will be listed as 5 columns or in a single row.

Enter the Question Stem and choices for the question.  Questions used in question sets do not have a feedback explanation/rationale. The correct/incorrect indicators for the question choices will be added later in the question set creation.

Select [Save] to save the question to the question set. Once saved, the questions will appear in the top box of saved questions. You can now add additional questions to the question set by selecting [Add New Question].

Survey questions do not get scored by the system. If all of the questions within the question set are "survey" questions, place a check mark in the box provided.

The "Include comment box" option will place a free text comment box to gather responses after the last question for the case is entered (based on conditional branching).

Once all of the questions are created, reorder the questions as needed be changing the order number. Delete a question by selecting the red X. The next steps are to define the Conditional Branching, Adding the Question Set to an Activity and the Answer Key for the questions. NOTE: if question branching has been applied to the question set and the order is changed, you will receive the following message: "Are you sure you want to change the order? Changing the order will clear all conditional branching settings." If you proceed to change the order, the conditional branching will need to be redone.