Simple Question presenter is a scripted presenter that was originally created to display a case containing a single question with or without an image.  Users would answer the question and then move to the next case/question. Although the presenter was developed for a single question, multiple questions and pages for a case can be scripted and displayed to the user.

Please note that if multiple questions are scripted for a single case, the display at the top "Question 1 of 1" will not reflect the extra questions presented for the case. The presenter is assuming that there is only one question per case. Viewing the display when multiple questions or pages are scripted can be confusing; try mentally replacing the "Question" in the display with "Case".

Users will go through the case/question pages in order via the "Previous Page" and "Next Page" buttons.  Skipping or viewing the pages out of order is not possible like in the Case Script or Edge presenters.

Move through the Cases (i.e. Question 1 of 1) using the "Prev Question" and "Next Question" buttons, located on the top and the bottom of the screen.

Benchmarking is available by clicking the Case Summary icon.

The green Support tab, when clicked, allows users to create a request ticket or access the knowledge base to search for solutions.