ACR’s Cortex has an authentication system that provides privileges for users. In order to reduce the number of credentials across ACR systems, Cortex has integrated ACR’s Single Sign On (SSO) authentication system to enable users to access all ACR properties with a single login. To link the two authentication systems (Cortex and ACR) you will be asked to log in to both systems if you have never accessed Cortex. Once completing this two-step login process, the two accounts will be linked, and going forward, you will only have one login screen.

Cortex users must have an existing ACR account before access to Cortex can be made available.  To sign up for a free ACR account, click the link and then an Account.

To access Cortex, contact your User Administrator and let him/her know your customer ID so they can set up your Cortex account.

Once your User Administrator sets up your Cortex account, go to or paste the URL for your portal into your browser and you will be presented with the following log in box:

Some will create an account in and will try to login to, but they will be unable because an there has not been a Cortex account created. If the following screen is presented to you contact your program coordinator or Cortex support.