Activity reset allows a user with Faculty privileges to restart all of the questions on an activity so that new responses can be collected. The reset does not delete the previous response; the previous responses are saved in the database. After reset, the new, current responses are considered as the "first" response for scoring and benchmarking purposes. Any acitivity can be reset multiple times. At this time, the previous saved responses from the reset cannot be selected for scoring or benchmarking so reset should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Proctors and Faculty cannot reset the responses for other Faculty.

To reset an activity, a User with Faculty privileges will have access to the Faculty Module tab from the Admin link on the portal. 

Click on the Faculty Module tab to access this module.

Search for the activity or activities to reset.  Click on this link to see detailed information on the search and filter fields for Faculty Module:  Faculty Module - Search and Filter options

To reset the activity, place a check mark next to the name and then select the Reset Activity button located below the list of names.