Cortex uses a Single Sign On (SSO) which allows users access to Cortex by using their ACR credentials. ACR credentials are created in ACR Personify system by allowing users to create their user accounts on-line.  Because of this feature, duplicate accounts are sometimes created in Personify.  If the user has multiple accounts in Personify, there can be confusion between the two systems as they try to verify the login credentials. You might be presented with the following screen.

If you have tried resetting your ACR password and still cannot access Cortex, contact Cortex support.  Support will work with ACR Membership to determine if duplicate accounts do exist and then merge the two accounts; Also it could mean that you have no account in Cortex.  Once merged you will be notified of your username and password and can then reset the password by logging on ACR website and selecting the "My ACR" tab.  There is a link on the left sidebar for changing your password and username.

One note: The merge may change your Customer ID # (SSO) and your RCMS account may also need to be updated with this new number.