Image annotation can be performed outside of the RCMS using imaging annotation applications such as Greenshot or or within RCMS using Teaching File (TF) Editor.

If an image is annotated using an application outside of RCMS, upload the already annotated image using the current "Upload Files" button available within the Annotated Image box of TF Edit. Select the "parent" image by clicking the image thumbnail on the left "Images" box. The selected image will be outlined in red.  Once selected, the [Upload Files] button will be displayed within the Annotated Images box.  Click the button or drag and drop the annotated image. NOTE: Only one annotated image can be linked to any parent image.

To create an annotated image within RCMS using the Annotate functionality, click the "parent" image in the left "Images" box. The image will be outlined in blue. Now select the [Annotate] button located above in the left box.

You will be directed to the annotation functionality. Using the tools located to the right of the image, annotate the image as needed. Once the annotation is completed, save the annotated image back to TF Edit by selecting the save (disc) icon located to the left.

To cancel the annotation and not save any changes, select the red X button on the tool bar or the X located above the image to the far right.

After the save, the new annotated image will be displayed in the Annotated Images box on the right "Annotated Images" box of TF Edit. To add additional annotations, select the annotated image and then the [Add Annotation] button above. Click the Edit annotation button to go back and edit the image annotation. Delete the annotated image using the [Delete] button located below the annotated image. For more information on deleting images and annotated images select the solution Deleting Images and Annotated Images in Teaching File (TF) Editor