CiP Chief Editors can create, edit all aspects of the CiP case. Chief editors require a Cortex user account as well as Chief Editor and Create Case content management privileges.

Before creating the account, verify that the user does not already have a Cortex account by going to: 

  1. User Accounts under the User Administration area of Cortex. 
  2. Search for the user by using the filter fields on the top of the page. 
  3. As you begin typing in the information, the system will begin to filter the user list.

If there is no user account, click the Create Account link under User Administration and enter the information to create an account. Once created, continue to follow the steps below.

  • Login (first initial last name)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Default Product

If a new account was created or previous account is located, verify the account has the information listed below by clicking the Edit button.

  • Status - if the user will be using Cortex then the account status is "active". If only using RADS Edit then the account status is "Inactive".
  • System role should be Editing User for both Chief Editor and Reviewer
  • If known, enter the SSO/Customer ID number. Click the Verify button to verify the number entered. The system will display a pop-up verification and add a |0 (pipe and zero) to the end. This step helps the user login without needed to do the double login for SSO verification.
  • Institution - for Chief Editors only. Check the institution list at the bottom and select Select Institutions link to add if needed.

Click Update button (right, bottom) to x`save any changes and Back to List to check the content management privileges for the user.

Once the account is correct, check the user credits by clicking the Credits button. User credits are required to create new cases. For Chief Editors, if the account does not have any user credits then select the Add link to add the user credit.

Click the Back to User List. Check the content management privileges (CMP) for the user by clicking the privileges button.

Select the CiP product from the drop down list (if needed) and verify that the correct CMP are check marked. If not, go to Content Management Privileges under User Administration to add the CMP to the account. Chief Editor needs the Chief Editor and Create Case CMP.

To add CMP, select the product using the drop down list. For Chief Editor, select the Assign privileges button and then place a check mark next to the user account and then click Select. Check mark the Chief Editor and Create Case boxes. Click the Update privileges button to save the change.