Assigning one or more co-owners to an activity or simulation allows the co-owners access to the same functionality as the original owner or creator.  Co-owners may publish, unpublish, edit the activity options and add or remove cases.

As Faculty, access the Activities & Curriculum Tab from the Admin link located on the portal or from the Activity Designer within RCMS Advance area.

Click on the "People" icon to open the Co_Owner pop-up.

On the pop-up box, click on the + next to the institution name to open the users selection.  Only institutions associated with the account will be displayed.

Place a check mark next to the users to be added as co-owners.  Those users will now be displayed on the right hand box.  Check mark the box next to the institution name to select everyone for that institution to be a co-owner.  Click the red X next toa user to remove them from the co-owner list.  Click "Save" when done.

On the Activity Designer page, the number of co-owners will be displayed next to the activity owner name.  Click the "People" icon to review the co-owners assigned.