On the case wizards (TF and NCW) and in the Advanced Edit area, there is a Portal Visibility case configuration. The Portal Visibility configuration has two options: "Only Me" and "Portal".

Only Me setting (default setting for all new cases): 

  • When "Only Me" is selected, only the case author will be able to view the case on the Portal or in the Case List of the Activity Designer. No other users will be able to view the case.
  • The author can add or remove any "Only Me" case from an activity.  Co-Owners of the activity can remove the case but cannot add the case.
  • The case can be edited by chief editors from the Advanced Edit area including the Portal Visibility if the editor has privileges.
  • Cases identified as "Only Me" when used in an activity, will be visible to all users.

Portal Setting:

  • When "Portal" is selected, the case is public and can be viewed by all users on the Portal and in the Case List of the Activity Designer.
  • Activity Owners and Co-Owners can add or remove the cases from the activity.
  • Chief editors can edit the case from the portal with the appropriate privileges but cannot change the Portal Visibility.