The Detection Question Wizard will walk you through the steps needed to create a detection question in your case.  A detection question uses an image which is mapped with a hotspot.  The user then clicks on the image and if the hotspot is clicked, the image annotation will be displayed.  Explanations for correct and incorrect answers are available.

The Detection Question Wizard is currently available as a question type in the New Case Wizard (NCW). To create a detection question, open NCW and add a new question. Select "Detection" as the question type.  Once selected, the wizard will open.

Across the top of the wizard are the steps you will complete in order to create the detection question.

Step 1:  Choose Image

Click the Choose Image button.  Choose an already uploaded image by clicking the image or add a new image to the case using the Upload files or Drag and Drop Files. Click Insert to add the image to the question. Click Save to save the image.

Step 2: Add the hotspot or detection map to the image

Select one of the tools on the left to draw the hotspot on the image.

To change the line width or color, click the "gear " icon or right click the map to open the Options pop-up. Click Save to save the hotspot.

Step 3: Add the image annotation

Using the tools on the left, add the annotation to the image. Click the "gear" icon or right click the annotation to open the pop-up to change the line size, text size or font and color. Click Save to save the annotation.

Step 4: Define the question stem and explanations

Once the annotations are added, define the question stem, correct answer response (with explanation if desired) and the incorrect answer response (with explanation if desired). Toggle the hotspot and annotation on/off using the buttons below left of the image. Click Save to save the question information. Click Close to close the wizard.

The question is added to the case script.