Adding images to a case can be done by importing the image file onto the Images tab of the case. This works for most images but the downside is that the image is now a separate item and when displayed, has image controls. For items such as a logo or other image that does not require image controls, there is an alternate method to add the image to the case. These images can be added into a case text item such as arbitrary text, references, etc.

To enter an image into a text item, open the case for edit and select the text item to add the image in any of the editors (TF Edit, NCW or Advance). Once in the editor, Turn off the "Paste as plain text" button by clicking on it as shown in the image below

Then, "Copy" the image you would like to add to the text item and then paste the image onto the text file. Please note, you must user Cntrl+V to paste.

Right click on the image to open the image editor to adjust image size.