In order to give access for RADS products to any users, the person giving the access has to be a product admin for that specific RADS product.

There are currently 2 types of RADS Users

  • RADS Chief Editors: Chief Editors can create, edit all aspects of the RADS case. Chief Editors have to have institution credits in order to be Chief editors. Click HERE to find out how to check for Credits.

  • RADS Reviewers: These users can add images, update image captions and chat. They cannot make any changes to the text or synonyms of the case. Reviewers are assign privileges at the course level. If a RADS product have many courses, privileges need to be assign to the course(s) desired.

First we need to find the user:

  1. Click of "User Accounts" under "Product Administration" tab to find if the user have an account in RCMS.

  2. Look the user by "First name" and "Last name" combination or by email.

  3. If you find the user continue to the following steps. If you did not find the user click HERE to see how to create a user account.

To assign CMP to the specific RADS product:

  1. 1) Click on "Content management Privileges" under the "Product Administration" tab.

  2. 2) Select the RADS product under the drop down list

  3. 3) Once selected, click on "Assign Privileges"

Once you clicked on "Assign Privileges"

  1. Look up the user same as you did at the beginning (First name, Last name, or email)

  2. Once you find the user check the box in front of the name to assign privileges to the user

  3. Click on "Select"

For Chief Editors click on the following: "Chief Editor" + "Create Cases", to finalize click on "Update privileges"

For Reviewers click on the following: "Reviewer" (Remember that Reviewers are assign privileges at the course level, not the main RADS main level) , to finalize click on "Update privileges"