Log onto the Radiology-TEACHES education portal at:  

Enter your login information.  If you do not know your login you may contact rcmssuport@acr.org to reset your user account information.

The education portal will display after login.

Click the activity link to launch the activity.

After the activity is launched, navigate through the cases by clicking on the case in the left Table of Contents (TOC) of the previous and next case buttons.

A check mark on the TOC indicates the case has been viewed and all questions completed.

Click on the question choice to answer the question.

After selecting the answer, the explanation will display with links for supplemental information and access to the ACR Appropriateness Criteria.

To use the ACR Select button to launch the clinical decision support tool to help you determine the appropriate exam for the clinical scenario.

The ACR Select tool will open in a new tab.  Within the ACR Select tool, enter the age and gender.

Optional:  Enter the Service Information (CT, MRI, US) or SKIP SERVICE

Enter the indication to display the list of search results.  Select the appropriate indication.

The Appropriateness Criteria table will display.  Click the DIsplay Evidence (circled below) for more detailed information. To add more clinical indications click on the Edit button (red arrow) and you will return to the search screen.